Blasting Products


Percussion Detonator

The percussion detonator is designed to detonate detonating cord and charges in TCP. As a standard component, it can be used for all the firing heads, including mechanical drop-bar, pressure actuator and differential firing heads.

Electric Detonator It is used to initiate detonation of detonating cord.



It can receive explosive wave from percussion detonator or other booster, and export explosive wave to detonate other pyrotechnics.

Bulkhead Boosting Device

The bulkhead boosting device is composed of special tandem and bulkhead booster. It is designed to reduce pollution and operation risk. It can keep the blank guns from well liquid after perforating. And blank guns can be reused by just cleaning debris.

Detonating cord/fuse

Detonating Cord

Detonating cord is designed to detonate charges.

Metal Clad Detonating Cord

Metal clad detonating cord is designed to detonate charges.

Time Delay Fuse

It is used to delay the output of explosive wave which detonates the booster, detonator cord and charges.

Perforating Charge / Shaped Charge

Perforating Charge / Shaped Charge

It includes a full range of perforating charges in different diameter and penetration depth.


Bangalore For Tail Audio-tracing Device

Bangalore for tail audio-tracing device is mainly used to check if guns are fired completely.

Tubing Cutter

It is designed to cut tubing for pipe recovery operations.

Safety Protection Device

This safety adapter is used to disconnect the power source from electrical detonator at surface or well head and switched on under over 3MPa hydrostatic pressure.


For more detailed information, please see the technical specifications
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