Perforators for Oil & Gas Well
Gas Fracturing Perforator

The gas fracturing perforator is composed of guns and high energy propellant. The high energy propellant is installed between gun body and carrier. The propellant is ignited when the charges explode and give off vast gas. The gas acts on the pore walls in plus pressure mode, so cracks are built around pore walls.

Through Tubing Swing Jet Perforator

The through-tubing swing jet perforator is designed to perforate in WCP without pulling out the tubing. It can convey big charges through tubing to pay zone. Then the releasing detonator is detonated by an electric signal from surface to unlock the trigger, and charges swing out to be normal to axis of guns. In this case the oil layer can be perforated with big charges.

For more detailed information, please see the technical specifications
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