Wireline Operation Tools
Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly is designed to set Bridge Plug by force which is generated by powder.
Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly Auxiliary Wireline pressure setting assembly auxiliary tools include shoot cylinder and crossover coupling to connect the wireline pressure setting assembly and plug.
Size 20 Firing Head

The firing head connected with wireline pressure setting assembly and cable. There is igniter to fire the base load pole in wireline pressure setting assembly.

Bridge Plug

Bridge Plugs are designed to isolate well by the thrust generating by Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly.

Detonator Adapter Assembly

Detonator adapter assembly is used to install electric detonator in WPC. It is composed of adapter module and detonator case.

Shooting Pole Device Shooting pole joint is connected with shooting pole in explosive for free.
For more detailed information, please see the technical specifications
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