TCP Auxiliaries
Annulus Pressure Device

The Annulus Pressurizing Device can suit all kinds of slip packers, which transfers the annulus pressure into tubing pressure to actuate firing head.

Pressure-operated Underbalance Valve

It is a production valve that is run in completions when it is necessary to pressure up on the tubing to set packers, liner hangers, etc. It is used to perforate underbalanced wells with existing perforations and in horizontal or highly deviated wells.

Pressure Activated Vent Assembly

It is especially useful in slanted boreholes. It employs hydrostatic pressure to open the vent and create proper pressure differential before firing.

Bar (Pressure) Activated Vent Assembly

It is used for TCP operation. A channel will be formed between the casing and the tubing when perforated, so the reservoir fluid may flow into the tubing.

Drop Bar-activated Vent Assembly

It is used in the TCP system to perforate underbalanced by allowing the tubing to be run with a low fluid level.

Vertical Shock Absorber

The Vertical shock absorber can protect the delicate pressure gauge and packer in well bore when the gun fires.

Gum Shock Absorber

Gum shock absorber is designed to protect the delicate pressure gauge and packer in well when gun fires.

Radial Shock Absorber The radial shock absorber is used to protect pressure gauge and packer from the radical shocks in TCP.
Wireline Shock Absorber

Wireline shock absorber is used in wireline perforating to protect the gauges and cable from damage

Mechanical Gun Release

The mechanical gun release can provide operators the option of keeping or releasing the TCP Guns from the tubing string. The releasing operation can be accomplished by using the shifting tool.

Shifting Tool

It is used to adjust the position of sliding sleeves or similar production and completion equipment.

Pressure Gun Release

Pressure gun release is designed to release guns. After the steel ball is dropped to the release sleeve from wellhead and additional pressure is applied from tubing to break the shear pins, the release sleeve moves downward and retract the locking finger of bottom sub. The bottom sub and all its relevant connection are also released.

Automatic Gun Release

It is used when it is desirable to drop the gun upon firing. The device is composed of firing heads which are actuated by pressure and a release device.

Drop Bar Assembly

Drop bar is designed to supply impact energy for safety impact firing assembly, debris proof firing head and double firing head.

Pulling Tool

Drop bar fishing tool is used to fish the 1" drop bar. Various slip socket sleeves are available for the different size tubing.

Shear Set Packer

it is used with P-T Packer to plug lower zone, and perforate and test upper zone.

Differential Delay Assembly

Differential delay assembly is designed to generate differential between tubing and annulus to fire gun. It must be used with shear set packer.

Tubing Pup Joint

It is used to space out down-hole assemblies by adjusting the length of tubular strings to its exact requirement


It is used to connect two joints of pipe together

Cross-over Sub

It is used for crossing over from the size of a single connection to the other and as a disposable component for extending the connection of a drill stem

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